Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Charlie and Braden

Many of you have been following the story of Susan Cox Powell.
She went missing 2 years ago, from a town not far from where I live in Utah.
This last Sunday their father ( who has been a person
of interest in their mother's disappearance )
took thier lives, and his own.

My heart breaks for their family and friends.
I'm so thankful for the knowlege that they are with
our loving Heavenly Father, and their momma.
You are in my prayers.

There's not much I can do for them... but remember them in my own way.

Charlie and Brayden,
give your momma a hug from me.


  1. That is so touching!! What a sweet thing to do for there family!

  2. Such a quiet & sweet gesture. And so so very touching!

  3. this made me tear up. very, very sweet... I'm sure they're giving her lots of hugs..

  4. I, too, ache for Susan's family, though I've never met them. I think it is a beautiful thing that you have done here: using your talents to share your feelings. Thank you for this lovely memorial.

  5. So sweet! As one who has become very close to the case for the past 26 months, I thank you for thinking of them with love and creating such a sweet illustration.

  6. Nikki, I LOVE this. It is so sweet and I'm sure alot of people, including me would like to use it as our profile picture. Would you mind that? Charlie and Braden were my grandnephews and I have been trying to make an original tribute to them, but I'm not very artistic. I love your illustrations. The only other thing I might point out is that their names are Charlie and BRADEN, not BRAYDEN. Thank you so much for sharing your love and talents.

  7. Goodness Mom/Gramma Kiki, thank you for pointing out my spelling error! I surely want to make sure that I have things right:) And I would LOVE for you to use their picture however you'd like, as I did it for those who cared for and loved those sweet boys! If you have a problem with saving it, feel free to email me, and I can send you the file :) xox's and love to you and your family!

    Thank you to my other friends who left their love for you as well. What a blessing to have such wonderful friends! xox

  8. I just wanted to let you know I pinned this picture as a memorial for Susan, Braden and Charlie. I just did it a couple of mins ago and its already got 5 likes and 1 repin. Thank you so much for creating something so simple and yet so moving. I was having a very hard time coming up with something that sufficed the drive I felt for a way to remember their great sacrifice and this picture surly filled that need. Thank you!!!

    (and btw I LOVE all of your other pics!)