Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Articles of Faith Printable :)

This week, for Activity Days, Mike and his fellow leaders are going to help the boys work on 
memorizing the Articles of Faith.
We printed off a set of the cards for each boy,  ( CLICK HERE to see the cards), and wanted to make an activity sheet of some sort too.
I thought maybe some of you could use it too <3

You can download the FREE PDF by


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Shepherding Souls Free Lesson Printables!

This last Sunday it was my turn to teach my "Beehive Babies" (yup, I have all the 11 & 12 year old baby girls with their cute shiny little faces... it's heaven!)

The lesson was on Elder Stevenson's talk called "Shepherding Souls" from General Conference.
You can read or listen to it by

It's so fantastic, and was a joy to teach and talk about with my babies.

I thought maybe some of you could use my hand out and printable too!

You can download the PDF for FREE by 


Free Jesus and Love Printables!

I have some awesome stuff for you!

My husband has been called to be a ward missionary for the last year and a half or so. Our ward started a new thing last fall, called a "Ward Meet and Greet". Once a month we have a party where everyone can come and sit and eat! Good friends + good food = a close ward family!

This last Sunday we had the one for February. This is a picture of the table decorations.

Each table was decorated as you can see here. We always do some kind of coloring page too. 

You can download the pdf with the four 8x10 inch Jesus and Love pictures, as well as the 2 coloring pages by 


Here's the clip art I used too!
Happy Valentine's Day!