Missionary Count Down Calendar

I am so excited to share this with you!
I was contacted by a Sister from Brazil who was getting
ready to go on a mission, and she needed a calendar to
take with her.
Sister Marina de Andrade Silva
and I were able to design this calendar together.
It contains the generic calendar bottom, as shown here,
so that the calendar can be customized for each missionary.
It has calendar tops numbered 1-24, each with it's own uplifting quote, and picture.
It also has a calendar top for General Conference, Easter, Christmas,
their half way mark, their homeward bound (last month), and a cover for both Elders
and Sisters. These would make AWESOME gifts for
any missionary. 

Each image is 8.25 " x 5.25" (or a half sheet of paper)
Print them out yourself,
cut them out, and hook them with a metal binder ring, or ribbon :)

These are available in the colored version as shown here for $12.00,
or in a black and white version (maybe to use on brightly
colored paper? ) for $10.00. 

Free Monthly Calendars