Friday, July 6, 2012

My beautiful new blog design

Hi friends :)
As you see, my blog has a beautiful new dress!
My friends Misty and Erica have been hard at work to overhaul my
4 blogs. They are all interconnected, and much easier to navigate:)

As you see, they were able to catch my favorite colors
(because glitter and zebra print are colors right?)
and design a blog to match me and my creative side.
They were also able to incorporate my own illustrations! I LOVE it!

If you're interested in having your blog "beautified" too,
go visit the Honey Bunch Blog Design blog. They are fantastic!
They are kind, and so concerned that you like their finished product:)

Here's their link:

I have been blessed by their friendship, and have been able to join their
group as their in-house artist, so you can request specific LDS images for
your own blog!



  1. Love the zebra print & bright colours & love Honey Bunch! I'm trying to find your store, but having a little trouble figuring out where to go now that I'm looking to buy stuff!

    Mme Aiello @ Teaching FSL

  2. Erika and Misty just did my blog design too.
    They are awesome!!
    You will have to check it out.
    I am interested in getting some of your graphics for my docs for school and ones that I put up on Teachers pay teachers.
    Where's the best place to look?

  3. I took a look at the link and truly, there are some great templates that can be used there, depending on the niche and "personality" of the blog. In your case, the design that you've chosen is simple, but it creates a high level of organization and cleanliness. No visitors will have a hard time reading your posts, which is great for you! :)

    [Sage Aumick]