Monday, April 8, 2019

FREE Personal Life History printable!!!

I believe it was Elder Suarez' talk in the most recent General Conference that inspired me to create this. He mentioned in his talk about the youth going to nursing homes and helping the elderly compile their Personal Life History. I seriously about launched myself off the couch, lol. 
What a fantastic idea!!!
I can't wait to serve with the youth in this, and plan on bringing it up in our next planning meeting.

I think it'd also be something really awesome to give to a family member, or have a child fill out with a grandparent.

Special thanks to those that follow in my Facebook group for helping
me with questions and ideas. It's so appreciated!
(Nicole, Caitlin, Shari, Sara, Heather, and Gina <3 ) 

I started filling out one for myself. Maybe some day it'll be important to my family. 

There are 20 pages. You can pick and choose which ones you want to print, or you can print them all.
I also included blank lined sheets that can be printed off and added in as needed.

I plan on punching holes and placing the pages in a folder for safe keeping.

You can download this in a PDF version by clicking

I hope it will become a valued keepsake and treasure for generations!