Thursday, April 11, 2013

New bundle :)

This bundle is now available in my etsy store:)

I LOVE this time of year! I have met some fantastic sisters the last few years by doing girls camp graphics. I am always in awe of the thought and preparation that is put into it. It's amazing!
(Thank heavens I am too old an fat to go myself,lol.) Did I ever mention I have a terrible fear of being eaten by a bear? Now I do understand I would become a camp hero, I'm slow and I would make a bear feast so others could escape....  but, I must politely decline. My motto:
Those who can
Those who cant..... draw with crayons:)
 Those of you who are in charge of our princesses in the forest,
You have my eternal gratitude and humble salute:)


  1. I have a question about your terms of use. This is my 1st time buying clipart and using it on my teacher stuff. I got confused about the educational terms of use. Sorry. :) It said we could give away and sell, but below that it said powerpoint, microsoft documents, smartboard files cannot be shared or sold. Can you clear that up for me? My brain is dead right now! :)


  2. My question is simple...what you your a cash person and want to buy the bundles?

  3. Wow, you are talented! I love these illustrations! They are so cute!


  4. Hmmmm... so. here's an idea. I have been searching for a topics scripture journal page appropriate for Activity Day Girls Age 8-11. Most of what's out there is for yw or adults. My daughter has read the book of mormon and I thought it would be fun to teach her a new way to study. I can design... but I need the cute illustrations to throw in there. Can we team up to create a scripture journal for children? let me know. Thanks!!!

  5. I was wanting to make primary binder covers for our primary for 2014 and I was hoping to find a temple picture as the theme is "Families are Forever." I really want one of the Salt Lake Temple and I noticed you don't really have one here except the one at the top of the page on your banner. Is that to download anywhere? I'd love to use it on the binder covers. I could even send you the binder covers when I am finished.