Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Light the World Initiative Day 14 " Clothe the Naked"

Jesus taught us to clothe the Naked, and so can you!

Collect winter clothing for a homeless shelter, Learn about how we should love from a wise king (Mosiah 4:14-27), or donate some old clothing to charity, or a thrift store.

I started "Spring cleaning" my house a few weeks ago (I'm pretty sure I should have done this LONG before now). Life is so busy, and honestly, I hate to clean, lol. I came across some boxes that were still packed from when we moved..... SIX YEARS AGO! I'm so happy that we have a place close by to donate things to. I think I stocked the entire store, and the people in the back in the donation area know my name. I hope that our donations will make life easier for someone else.


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  1. I am hoping to do the same over my vacation. I just need to purge! Thank you for the wonderful clip art!