Monday, December 19, 2016

Light the World Initiative Day 19 "Calm the Storm"

"Jesus calmed the storm and so can you"

Find ways to help people around the world through charity, review emergency response plans in your  area, or give the gift of a 72 hour kit to your families!

My oldest brother is in charge of the emergency preparedness in his ward. He is HUGE on 72 hour kits ( he's giving them to his married kids for Christmas... shhhhh) This one made me smile thinking of him. Do you have a 72 hour kit? I'm afraid mine is more than a panic kit, lol. When the Ebola outbreak happened, I went in to full panic mode. I think I bout 4 bottles of all the medication at Costco as well as six cases of water, and some candles.

Time to get prepared my friends.


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