Sunday, December 25, 2016

Light the World Initiative Day 25 "Follow Jesus"

The disciples followed Jesus, and so can you!

Turn some of the last 25 day's ideas in to New Year Resolutions, Find a picture of Jesus that you love and hang it in your home, or Devote a whole day to selfless service!

I'd like to share with you my favorite painting of Christ:

As long as I can remember, this has been my favorite! I've seen it painted inside of some of the temples that I have been in. It's just breath taking.

Thank you everyone, for following along this series with me. I apologize for the hiccups in posting, thank you Jane, for helping me stay on track. 

I hope there are some images in it that you can use.

Merry Christmas Brother's and Sisters! I hope that you have a peaceful and loving holiday, and that you feel close to Heavenly Father. He loves you!

Sending you a hug from Utah!


  1. There are several I can use, so I appreciate the work you did to provide these to us! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. NIKK!! I loved these. Thank you so much, you're amazing. I especially loved reading your tidbits :) LOVE YOU, Nic